The Harris County Appraisal District recently launched a new tool, the "Appraiser Field Operations Map," that gives homeowners the ability to see the exact neighborhoods that appraisers will be working in in Harris County.

As the appraisal district continues their on-site inspections for the 2021 property valuation process, the tool can identify the areas that appraisers are scheduled to perform their inspections, according to a press release from the Harris County Appraisal District.

“The map brings a new level of safety and peace of mind to property owners and our appraisers,” Chief Appraiser Roland Altinger said. “With more people working from home and a higher awareness of strangers in the neighborhood, the map lets homeowners check if the person coming up to the house is likely working for the district.”

The tool, which can be found at, can identify the neighborhoods where appraisers are scheduled to execute appraisals, but it does not identify the individual households they will be inspecting or the appraiser’s exact location.

HCAD appraisers often cover hundreds of neighborhoods every day, making note of any property changes. The information they collect is used at the start of the year to establish an appraisal of the properties.

HCAD appraisers wear a blue jacket or vest and have an identification badge with their unique appraiser number. They will never ask to enter a home, and they begin their appraisal process by knocking on the front door to notify the resident they will be measuring the property. If the HCAD appraiser does not receive permission from the homeowner, they will only conduct measurements that can be taken without additional access to the property.

While the map does identify the neighborhoods in which appraisers will be active, property owners can also contact the HCAD office at 713-812-5800 to confirm an appraiser’s activity in their area.