The city of Katy has held three City Council meetings via teleconferencing since the coronavirus outbreak forced nations to cease nonessential activities and practice social distancing to slow the rate of infection.

But city officials do not yet know if livestreaming meetings will become the new normal after social distancing regulations are lifted.

Katy City Council began to consider livestreaming its meetings last year when Council Member Frank O. Carroll introduced the agenda item for consideration at the June 17 meeting.

"We are an open government and are doing everything we can to keep the meetings free, open and accessible to the public that we serve," City Secretary Becky McGrew said.

She added elected officials, board members and staff will re-evaluate the possibility of livestreaming meetings indefinitely once they can reconvene.

Katy Mayor Pro Tem Chris Harris confirmed the topic has not been discussed by the council.

"With the current pandemic, a council workshop and permanent policy has not been brought forward," he said.

Council Member Durran Dowdle said livestreaming council meetings would have to be a budget item as it has a cost.

"Our first run at council last week was successful and a good effort," Dowdle said. "As long as the stay-at-home orders are in effect, we will continue the effort."