Katy ISD students earn higher ACT scores than state, national averages


ACT released its latest report on the scores for students who took the test during the 2017-18 school year. Allison Matney, Katy ISD director of research, assessment and accountability, said that students that took the test across the district performed well.

“We are super excited to have our results,” Matney said. “We actually saw increases over the class of 2017 to the class of 2018 in all four subject area tests as well as the composite [score]. Our averages for each of those areas – the four subjects in a composite – are significantly over the state results.”

The ACT assesses students in English, reading, math and science using 36 questions in each subject.

Students score from 1-36 based upon how many questions are answered correctly. Those scores are then compiled into an overall composite score, which also ranges from 1-36.

KISD students earned an average composite score of 25 which is nearly five points above the statewide score of 20.6 and the national average composite of 20.8, according to the latest report.

Matney said the test is mostly used for college admissions. ACT’s website indicates the test is also utilized as criteria for scholarships and educational research.

According to the ACT website, the organization scores tests based on what would be necessary for a freshman college student to obtain a grade of B or better in a class related to the tested subject.

The required score for English is 18, reading is 22, math is 22 and science is 23. KISD students had average scores of 24.3, 25.5, 24.8 and 24.7, respectively, placing them above the national averages in all categories.

Matney said the district does not put students through a specific course to help them prepare for the test but provides the necessary instruction for the test’s questions through regular curriculum.

“From the district level, it really is just embedded in the curriculum so the kids are exposed to that type of higher-level questioning in the way SAT and ACT both [utilize],” Matney said.

Matney said parents and guardians can help students prepare for the ACT by purchasing preparation materials through the ACT website. Parents and guardians should also note registration deadlines and help students  register in time to take the test, which is offered seven times throughout the school year.

The next ACT assessment will be administered Dec. 8, and the registration deadline for the test is Nov. 2. Registrations for the four-subject test costs $50.50, or $67 if registration includes the written portion of the test.

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