Katy ISD Superintendent Lance Hindt will no longer preside over board meetings ‘until further notice’


Katy ISD parents and community members can expect to see a new face sitting with the board of trustees starting July 16. The district in early July confirmed with Community Impact Newspaper that KISD Deputy Superintendent Kenneth Gregorski will preside over future board meetings while Superintendent Lance Hindt continues focusing on other initiatives for the district.

The district did not provide a timeframe for how long Gregorski will fill in for Hindt.

“As of now, the Deputy Superintendent will preside over Board meetings until further notice from the board,” KISD spokesperson Maria DiPetta wrote in an email. “The Katy ISD Deputy Superintendent will only be presiding over work study and regular board meetings. This includes working directly with the superintendent on board agenda preparation.”

Board President Courtney Doyle informed parents of the structural changes in a letter to KISD parents June 26. In her letter, Doyle said Hindt will focus on other initiatives that include laying the groundwork for a smooth transition as the district prepares to secure its next superintendent.

“The board is committed to securing a high quality leader who understands the needs of Katy ISD students and its growing community,” DiPetta said.

According to the Texas Education Code and KISD Board Policy, it is not a requirement for the superintendent to preside over board meetings, DiPetta said. The superintendent does not vote on agenda items.

“The superintendent is the chief executive officer and is responsible for the administrative organization of the district which includes delegating duties to one of his administrators, if needed,” DiPetta said. “In the past, other Katy ISD superintendents have adopted this practice as a way to lay the groundwork for the smooth transition of a new superintendent.”

Aside from preparing for the next superintendent, DiPetta said Hindt will focus on other major initiatives the district is working on, which include: attendance boundary modifications for the 2019-20 school year, second year rollout of the KISD strategic design plan, as well as safety measures for schools and bullying awareness and prevention programs.

The KISD board of trustees will meet for a work study meeting 6:30 p.m. July 16 at the Education Support Complex in downtown Katy.

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  1. Funny, I don’t remember it the way DiPetta does: “In the past, other Katy ISD superintendents have adopted this practice as a way to lay the groundwork for the smooth transition of a new superintendent.” In fact, I don’t recall DiPetta being here “in the past.”

    I’ve been around to watch the “past” and when Hugh Hayes left, and Leonard Merrell left and Alton Frailey left, they stayed until they resigned. Only after they were out of the picture was an Interim Superintendent named.

    Unlike in the current situation, the Board was in charge of the District, and THEY named the Interim Superintendent.

    It is not proper for the superintendent who is leaving to place “his guy” as the person running the Board. It’s the Board’s choice and duty, not his. After the fact I’m sure that will be the positioning, but we can all see what happened.

    Lance Hindt is trying to control the activities of the Board even as he parts.

    The Board needs to find a new superintendent on their own–not let the one who had to leave pick that person!

    Lance Hindt is simply doing what the headhunter, Bob Thompson used to do–manipulate the Board and put someone in place that adheres to the Common Core agenda.

    The Board should really try to not be led around by the nose once again.

    Mary McGarr
    Katy ISD School Board Trustee

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