CLARIFICATION: The eight partnership projects for the Addicks Reservoir watershed total $163.7 million.

After nearly three months of community meetings, the Harris County Flood District on Aug. 6 released its finalized list of flood control projects for the $2.5 billion bond referendum that voters will decide on Aug. 25, on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Harvey.

The total cost of the finalized projects that concern the Katy area in the Barker and Addicks reservoir watersheds total $449,840,000, according to HCFCD documents.

The HCFCD held the community meetings in each one of the county’s watersheds to offer residents a chance to submit input and potential project ideas. The updated list of finalized projects includes 38 projects that were added as a result of the community meetings. No new community input projects were added to the Addicks or Barker reservoir watersheds.

Of the finalized projects for the Addicks reservoir watershed, seven projects totaling $126 million would be funded solely with local money if the bond referendum is passed, according to HCFCD documents. Eight more proposed partnership projects totaling $163.7 million would be funded through the HCFCD and the federal government, according to HCFCD documents.

Officials said some of the most critical projects included in both reservoirs are funding for a $750,000 feasibility study required by Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers for any modification to the Addicks and Barker reservoirs, and $30 million to desilt the 17 channels that lead into each reservoir.

Two more projects for the Addicks reservoir include $83.7 million for multiple subdivision drainage improvement projects and $30.8 million for several storm repair projects throughout the entire watershed.

Like the Addicks reservoir, all of the previous proposed projects were kept in the finalized list for the Barker Reservoir as well. Finalized projects for the Barker Reservoir watershed include $2.3 million in storm repairs throughout the reservoir and various subdivision drainage improvements that total $33 million.

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Early voting for the bond starts Aug. 8 and runs through Aug. 21. Find out where to vote and important information about the bond here.