BREAKING: Katy Mills Mall announces multimillion dollar renovation project


Katy Mills Mall will undergo a significant remodel beginning this spring. On March 8, representatives from Simon, a real estate leader in shopping, dining and entertainment destinations, announced plans for a multimillion dollar interior renovation project that will transform Katy Mills into a more modern and convenient shopping destination.

“Katy Mills is a financial engine for the City of Katy, and we appreciate Simon investing in renovations and the reimaging of the mall,” Byron Hebert, City Administrator for the City of Katy said in a press release from Katy Mills. “The City of Katy is honored to be partnering with Simon to ensure Katy Mills continues to be successful into the future.”

James Ross, general manager for Katy Mills alongside Simon Executive Vice President Michael Romstad, Katy Mayor Chuck Brawner and Katy administrator Bryon Hebert commemorated the announcement by breaking four tiles from the original Katy Mills Mall during a press announcement March 8.

The first phase is an interior renovation that will create a brighter atmosphere in the mall with a new color palate. That phase is expected to be complete by the end of 2018, according to Simon representatives.

Additional improvements include updating the food court to a dining pavilion with new furniture, family-style seating and LED lighting; new lounge areas and improved lighting throughout the mall and a new children’s play area.

The entire remodel consists of three phases, with a second phase involving outside improvements and a third phase consisting of signage changes, according to Ramstad.

The mall will remain open throughout the project.

“This project, once completed, for this side of west Houston, there is nothing else that is going to be able to touch it,” Mayor Brawner said. “It’s going to be a benefit for everyone.”

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  1. Nancy Driscole

    What would be really nice is if this Mall could have motorized wheelchairs available for shoppers. The food stores do & I see no reason why the Malls do not. They can even set it up where these wheelchairs could NOT be removed from the Mall. Most seniors can walk a bit, but not enough to get around an entire Mall.

  2. All of the restrooms are horrible. They all need to be gutted and redone. I think this and food court are most important.

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