Harris County Safety Fest set for April 22 in Katy

The Harris County Emergency Services District No. 48 is planning its second annual Safety Fest in Katy, a free community event that features apparatus tours, Sparky the Dog, live demonstrations, an inflatable play area and food and refreshments.

The event is scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 22 at the Katy Mills north parking lot.

Last year’s Safety Fest, which was held the week after the community’s “Tax Day Flood,” drew 2,500 people.

“It was a huge hit,” said Public Information Officer Simon VanDyk. “We wanted an event to get people connected with all area agencies. We wanted people to say, ‘I live in Cinco; who would respond to me?’”

Shelby Johnson, community education coordinator, added that the department provides smoke alarm checks and exit strategies for families, but there is some confusion among residents about which fire station to contact for such services.

“When you call 911, you’ll get the right department, but when it comes to ancillary programs, they need to know what we offer,” she said.