Medium Rare, a Washington, D.C.-based restaurant specializing in French-influenced steak and frites, will open next year in a new Midtown outpost.

The dinner menu will feature a three-course prix fixe meal—priced at just under $30—with a mixed-green salad, artisan bread, hand-cut fries and a Coulotte steak topped with a "secret sauce" that has hints of mustard and cracked pepper, according to a November news release. A vegetarian option will substitute in grilled portobello with fire-roasted red pepper sauce.

Dessert options will include a seven-layer chocolate cake, a seven-layer carrot cake and hot fudge sundaes. Medium Rare will also offer brunch on weekends with bottomless mimosas, bloody marys and screwdrivers.

Owner Mark Mucher also runs a nonprofit called Feed the Fridge, which entails filling community refrigerators with restaurant-quality food on a daily basis and then opening them up for anyone to access for free, no questions asked, according to the release. Refrigerators are placed in community locations, such as recreation centers and schools, and Mucher also works out paid agreements with other restaurants to help contribute. The payments made to restaurants are funded through donations, according to the release.

More details about the launch of Feed the Fridge in the Houston area are to be released.