Pomegranate Rita Pomegranate Rita[/caption]

The newest seasonal drink served at Soto’s Cantina, the Pomegranate Rita is made fresh to order ($10). It’s hand-crafted with fresh pomegranates, lime juice and Corralejo tequila.

“We buy and order fresh pomegranates everyday, clean them and peel them off,” owner Juan Soto said.

Served in a 16-ounce glass, the seasonal margarita is one in a series of unique drinks Soto has created. He said he and his team enjoy coming up with new and creative margarita ideas.

“This summer, people loved watermelon and jalapeno margaritas, and we decided to come up with different flavors for each of the seasons,” Soto said.

Soto also said he looks forward to making what he calls a Guavarita for the wintertime when guava fruit is still in season.

Soto’s Cantina

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