Area adds three athletic facilities Next Level Athletics opened a 15,000-square-foot facility on Kingsland Boulevard in late May.[/caption]

The athletic training industry continues to grow in the Katy area with three new athletic facilities either opening soon or having opened within the last year. All three facilities are within reach of Katy Mills and have programs targeted to student athletes as well as general fitness and training programs.

Next Level Athletics opened a 15,000-square-foot facility in late May, which includes a 4,000-square-foot weight room, a 25-by-20-yard indoor turf, and locker rooms with showers.

“We are finally bringing to fruition the hard work and time that has gone into this project, and we anticipate our membership to reach 2,000 in the next 24 months,” said Reynaldo Silva, owner of Next Level Athletics.

Founded in 2001, the company did not have a permanent facility prior to the Kingsland location, but it is already serving 550 members, Silva said. He attributes the success of his operation to his company values—welcoming student athletes of all skill levels—as well as the passion area youth has for sports.

Elite Volleyball, a 31,000-square-foot facility, predominantly functions as a volleyball facility, but it also features basketball courts and batting cages as well as a high-performance workout area.

“We will help [student athletes] get better and provide a safe place for them to play [outside of school],” Elite Volleyball owner Wan Yun said. 

Yun has worked in the Katy area for about five years, he said, and wanted to build a facility for his program to allow for more program flexibility. He said he anticipates success for his company because he provides programs for students who do not make school teams.

Athletic Performance Lab offers a variety of programs for student athletes looking to improve their sports skills and overall athleticism. Sean Piper is a co-owner of the company.

“We noticed a great opportunity for growth if we built a facility here,” Piper said.

“Katy is a tremendous asset to our program because [the kids] are very driven by a district that provides opportunities for these kids to play on a huge stage,” Silva said. “It’s a good marriage because you’ve got great coaches out there, great schools and great traditions, so it’s only fitting that we thrive here as well.”

Facility locations

Athletic Performance Lab
481 Katy Fort Bend Road, Ste. 201, Katy

Elite Volleyball
25307 Kingsland Blvd., Katy

Next Level Athletics
25311 Kingsland Blvd., Katy