The city of Jersey Village will receive over $9 million in grant funding that will be used to elevate 28 homes, according to an Aug. 29 news release.

The gist

According to the news release, two grants totaling over $9 million will be used to elevate a total of 28 homes in Jersey Village:

  • Grant 1: $4.42 million to elevate 14 homes
  • Grant 2: $4.63 million to elevate 14 homes

With these two grants, the city of Jersey Village has received a total of $24.6 million in grant funding to address flood mitigation, according to the news release.

Zooming out

After more than 230 homes flooded in 2016, the city of Jersey Village commissioned a long-term flood recovery plan, according to the city’s website. The plan recommended four main projects: a berm around the golf course; drainage and street improvements in the Wall Street neighborhood; home elevation and/or buyout grants; and widening and deepening the bayou.

Twenty-one homes in Jersey Village have been elevated so far, with around 160 home elevation candidates identified by the city, Community Impact previously reported.

Quote of note

“We are immensely grateful for the support we've received through these grants,” Jersey Village Mayor Bobby Warren said via news release. “Flood mitigation has been at the forefront of our agenda, and this funding allows us to take proactive steps in reducing the impact of flooding on our community. These grants are a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the ongoing collaboration between our city, residents and government agencies.”

Learn more

Read about the city’s flood mitigation efforts here.