The Jersey Village City Council approved a measure that clears the way for an $8.72 million clubhouse renovation at Jersey Meadow Golf Club and the conversion of the existing clubhouse into an event center during a regular monthly meeting held April 17.

The measure approved funds for both projects, including furniture, fixtures and equipment, authorizing the city manager to contract with Brookstone Construction on behalf of the city.

Assistant City Manager Robert Basford presented the details of the resolution that guarantees the total cost will not exceed $8.72 million.

He explained the figures had been adjusted for design changes, such as changes to the roof and canopy along with additional exterior lighting. Those changes were made since the March estimates were announced, adding $18,830 to the total budget of $8.72 million for the renovation and new construction.

Council Member Drew Wasson said he and the other council members opted to pay for the projects upfront rather than through a bond referendum to avoid accruing debt since the city had the funds.

“Yeah, $8.7 million is a heck of a lot of money, but I think it’s something that will return for the city for years to come, tangibly and intangibly,” Wasson said.

While council members agreed the city is likely to incur debt for other improvement projects, such as street and other infrastructure repairs, at this point the city is effectively debt free, Wasson said. Council members noted as many of the city streets are approaching 50 years of age, they will need to be replaced in the near future.

However, a review of 2022 financial reports presented by Stephanie Harris of the accounting firm Belt Harris Pechacek indicates the city is in healthy financial shape. The city of Jersey Village boasts the highest rating the firm awards municipal clients along with a nine-month financial reserve of funding without taking in any new revenue for emergency or infrastructure expenses.