The new clubhouse project at the Jersey Meadow Golf Course is expected to cost about $8.71 million.

Jersey Village City Council unanimously approved a guaranteed maximum price of $6.04 million for the construction of the new building at a March 20 meeting. Furniture, fixtures and equipment costs are estimated to come in at around $791,829.

Additionally, a preliminary guaranteed maximum price for the renovation portion of the project was set at $1.87 million. Assistant City Manager Robert Basford said some issues came up during the bid formulation process, and costs for the existing building’s roof, canopy and entry portal are now expected to cost more than previous estimations. A final price for the renovation is expected to be approved at the April council meeting after a structural engineer reviews the designs.

Council members also voted to authorize City Manager Austin Bleess to enter an agreement with Brookstone Construction to move forward with the project. FGM Architects designed the project.

The new clubhouse will feature a pro shop, offices, bar and grill, bathrooms, and storage, while the existing building will be renovated as event space. Officials pointed out the facility will not only be used for golf, but many community groups will have the opportunity to hold events in the new space.

“I worked at the golf course in high school, which was over 25 years ago, and that building has not changed at all. It’s been the exact same, so I’m looking forward to having something new, something fresh,” Council Member Sheri Sheppard said.

Jersey Village included $6.3 million for this project in the 2022-23 capital improvements budget. Additional costs will be included in the 2023-24 budget, according to city officials.

Mayor Bobby Warren acknowledged the years of deliberation council and city staff have put into these plans. City Council first authorized a study looking into the renovation of the existing clubhouse in 2017, and the estimated cost of the project has escalated over time, Community Impact previously reported.

“As everyone knows, costs have gone up quite a bit. I don’t think they’re coming down. And so, hindsight being 20/20, should we have moved on this earlier when it was cheaper? Yes. But a lot of decisions look a lot different when you have the benefit of being able to ‘see into the future,’” he said.