Two Montgomery County Precinct 2 projects on Fish Creek Thoroughfare in Montgomery are wrapping up this fall, Commissioner Charlie Riley said. A new bridge over Lake Creek is expected to open in October, he said. Additionally, the overpass providing a direct route over FM 2854 and the railroad tracks for drivers on Fish Creek and McCaleb Road is expected to be complete in November.

"There's two projects on Fish Creek that are going to be big not only [for] Harris County—people coming out of Tomball—[but] people coming out of Magnolia trying to get up to Conroe and up to [Hwy.] 105 around the lake," Riley said.

When complete, Riley said the projects will provide drivers a safer route from FM 1488 to Hwy. 105 in the Montgomery area.

"Instead of having to cross at-grade at the railroad tracks, we've gone over the railroad tracks and over [FM] 2854, so that takes the train-vehicle risk out of the equation altogether," he said. "We'll have all of that stretch of road—from [FM] 1488 all the way over to [Hwy.] 105—will be a four-lane road with center medians, turn lanes and shoulders—all of the stuff that we've been needing out here in Precinct 2 in this part of Montgomery County for years."

Once the overpass across the railroad tracks is completed, Riley said the next step is to install a traffic signal at the on- and off-ramp at Fish Creek and the new intersection on FM 2854.

The projects are funded by the 2015 Montgomery County road bond, he said.

Timeline: August 2018-October 2020 (bridge), July 2019-November 2020 (overpass)

Cost: $5.53 million (bridge), $6.12 million (overpass)

Funding source: 2015 Montgomery County road bond