Updated Jan. 24 at 2:54 p.m.

The San Jacinto River Authority has increased water flows from the Lake Conroe Dam to 16,525 cubic feet per second.

"Due to the heavy rainfall across the watershed, inflows into Lake Conroe have continued to increase," SJRA officials said in a Jan. 24 news release. "As a result, SJRA operations staff will continue to make incremental changes to releases to buffer the incoming flow into the lake while also gradually getting the lake level back to conservation pool of 201 [feet]."

The water levels are expected to continue increasing into the evening.

The SJRA previously announced in a Jan. 24 news release that Lake Conroe is temporarily closed due to high water hazards as water release from the Lake Conroe dam nears 12,000 cubic feet per second.

What you need to know

Overnight rain from regional storms caused Lake Conroe to rise 2 feet above the fill limit of 201 feet as of Jan. 24. As a result, the SJRA increased the amount of water being released through the Lake Conroe dam to 11,945 cubic feet per second.

The SJRA also said Lake Conroe is closed until water levels can return to normal due to submerged hazards, such as docks, electrical outlets and other small structures. Any resident along Lake Conroe is also encouraged to watch for any additional submerged equipment near docks.

Quote of note

“At this level, many docks, bulkheads, small islands and other structures are fully submerged and can create a dangerous situation for boaters. In addition, high winds and rapidly flowing water from local streams can result in a large amount of floating debris on the reservoir,” SJRA officials said in the news release. “With bulkheads becoming submerged, lake-area residents should also be cautious of electrical outlets and equipment coming into contact with water.”

What’s next

According to the National Weather Service, heavy rains were expected to continue through Jan. 24. While the severe weather continues, Lake Conroe will continue to be monitored by SJRA in the event the amount of release from Lake Conroe needs to be increased, according to the release.