Residential and commercial users will see a 3.25% and 6.75% increase in their water and sewer rates, respectively, after Conroe City Council unanimously approved the increase at its Sept. 14 regular meeting. Council Member Harry Hardman was absent from the meeting.

Zooming in

According to a presentation by Collin Boothe, director of finance and assistant city administrator, at council’s Aug. 24 meeting, the rate increases for customers are outlined below:

  • 5,000 gallons: $88 to $90
  • 10,000 gallons: $146 to $148
  • 15,000 gallons: $206 to $209
  • 50,000 gallons: $753 to $783
  • 100,000 gallons: $1,605 to $1,673

What else?

City Council also unanimously approved a 1.9% increase in the city’s garbage and recycling rates, consistent with the city’s increase to its solid waste contract with Waste Management, Boothe said during a Sept. 13 workshop meeting.

According to the Sept. 13 agenda documents and the city’s website, the rate increase will look like:

  • Residential unit (one waste and one recycle cart) per home, per month: $17.14 to $17.47
  • Commercial unit (one waste and one recycle cart), per month: $20.41 to $20.79
  • Extra bag service tag (one per bag): $1.10 to $1.12
  • Replacement carts: $76.91 to $78.37
  • Additional residential waste cart (four-cart maximum), per month: $8.03 to $8.17
  • Additional commercial waste cart (four-cart maximum), per month: $8.03 to $8.17

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