The Conroe Police Department has charged Eric Yollick, a candidate for Montgomery County's 457th district court judge, with criminal mischief for egging Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough’s car.

CPD Sgt. Jeff Smith said the case has been turned over to City Prosecutor Mike Garner. Garner said Yollick has plead not guilty, and a jury trial is set for Oct. 7.

“The charge is a class C misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of $500 and stated mandated court costs of $81 in the event of conviction,” Garner said in an email.

Community Impact Newspaper has reached out to Keough and Yollick for a response. Yollick made a Facebook post on his campaign page June 8 saying he did nothing wrong and “actually fought for our civil liberties.”

“My action (the egg) was a small private protest between two friends over the terrible decision of my friend to 'lay an egg'on the constitutional rights of Montgomery County families, individuals and businesses,” Yollick said.

Yollick criticized the county’s actions during the coronavirus pandemic in the post, calling orders to close businesses and require citizens to stay home “illegal and unconstitutional.”

Yollick is currently a candidate for the 457th district court judge. A runoff election between Yollick and Vince Santini will be held July 14.