Election Q&A: Montgomery ISD Position 1


Montgomery ISD Position 1

Jim Dossey

Occupation: Attorney and CPA focusing in estate planning, tax, small business and intellectual property

Experience: MISD board member six years; president one year

Why are you the most qualified for this position?

JD: I am the most experienced MISD Board member having been on the MISD school board for six years and president for the last year. In my year as president, I led the board to replace the district goals, hire a new superintendent, balance the budget, and close and reopen the district due to COVID-19. I am an attorney and CPA, my wife is an MISD teacher, and I have three kids in the district.

The board of trustees has pledged to make MISD the highest paid staff compared to surrounding districts. Are you supportive of this goal and if so, how will you help the district achieve it?

JD: I am absolutely in favor of making MISD the highest paying district in Montgomery County. First, we had to balance the budget. This has been accomplished under my leadership as Board President. Second, we must keep pushing on the budget to become more efficient. Once the fat has been trimmed, the only way to increase pay is to reprioritize where the money is spent. Our priority should be to keep the money in the classroom.

Do you see areas of the budget the district can reduce spending? If so, where and how much?

JD: Over the last few months, the Board and MISD administration has worked diligently to balance the budget. At this point, the district is running efficiently and there are few “easy” cuts to make. To achieve our goal of making MISD the highest paying district in the county, we now need to focus on bigger, more important, strategic items. This will take much more analysis and debate because they are important to the future of MISD.

Mike Hopkins

Candidate did not respond to requests for comment.

By Andrew Christman
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