The Conroe ISD board of trustees approved the attendance zones for Bartlett Elementary and additional elementary campuses within the Caney Creek High School and Conroe High School feeder zones during a Jan.16 board meeting.

Current situation

The board approved Scenario 9.1.2, which Assistant Superintendent of Operations Chris McCord said was one of 27 different options.

“Our committee has met over six months to create 27 different scenarios to address the needs of the initial boundary for Bartlett Elementary and to address overcrowding at a large number of schools in both Caney Creek and also Conroe High at the elementary level,” he said. “In the 131-year history of our district, this is one of the most challenging scenarios and endeavors that we’ve undertook, but we feel good about it.”

The approved scenario will help:
  • Six campuses that are over capacity move to under capacity
  • Reduce the capacity at Creighton Elementary School by 250 students
Bartlett Elementary School will be a 950-student elementary campus that will serve grades Pre-K through fourth. Located at 11255 Cielo Drive in Conroe, Bartlett is expected to open in August.

Barlett Elementary Attendance Zones for 2024-25 school year

The background

CISD began the process of examining attendance zones for Bartlett Elementary School in 2023.

Bartlett was a part of the $653.7 million bond referendum approved in November 2019.

According to previous Community Impact coverage, the new campus is scheduled to be the last school to open as part of the 2019 bond package, and the last elementary school in the northern Caney Creek and Conroe feeder zones constructed in the near future.
Current elementary attendance zones at Conroe ISD

By the numbers

McCord said 44% of the students impacted by the rezoning are moving to Bartlett.

A total of 1,823 students will be moving across 14 elementary campuses in the 2026-27 school year.

The expected percentage of capacity at the 14 elementary campuses for the 2026-27 school year with Scenario 9.1.2 includes:
  • Anderson: 86%
  • Armstrong: 76%
  • Austin: 84%
  • Creighton: 96%
  • Hope: 69%
  • Houston: 74%
  • Milam: 50%
  • Patterson: 84%
  • Reaves: 78%
  • Rice: 90%
  • Runyan: 79%
  • San Jacinto: 76%
  • Wilkinson: 77%
  • Barlett: 84%
“At the top end, this is a medium-term solution,” McCord said. “This is not a long-term solution. There is just masses of people that are coming that want to be a part of what we have, especially in this area.”