Entergy Texas, an electric provider that serves parts of Texas including most of Montgomery County, is considering building a substation at FM 1097 and FM 149 within the next 10 years, according to John Tarver, senior manager of business development for Entergy Texas. Tarver delivered a presentation at a May 14 Montgomery Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

Tarver said the company has been studying growth patterns in the area and has determined the location to be an area that could benefit from a new substation. The project is part of Entergy Texas' 10-year plan but could be built sooner, he said.

“If we see a bigger need to put that substation [in] quicker ... we can change that [10-year] development,” Tarver said. “I’m highly confident we might see that.”

The proposed substation is part of Entergy’s initiative to invest more in its infrastructure, Tarver said. The company invested $1.8 billion in its electric distribution and utility support systems in 2020, according to Entergy's 2020 Integrated Report. Entergy also serves parts of Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.