Expanding from a small inn, the Historic Hill House + Farm opened its wedding and event venue and restaurant space Feb. 14, offering fine dining and event experiences at its historic location.

When owner Michael Bradbury originally purchased the 108-acre property in 2017, he said the old farmhouse and several aging structures were all that were there. The farmhouse was originally built in 1885 by J.C. Hill, whose descendants still live throughout San Jacinto and Montgomery counties.

In 2018, Bradbury opened a bed-and-breakfast for getaways and family reunions but hesitates to call the location a wedding venue.

“I think we’re this unique amalgamation of the boutique old historic inn and high-end fine dining restaurant, and then we have event space,” Bradbury said.

Bradbury said the venue already has about 14 weddings booked. He said the venue expanded to weddings in February, utilizing the repurposed structures of two farmhouses built in the 1840s in Canada and Pennsylvania. Part of this expansion is the new restaurant. Bradbury said the public can reserve tables and attend special events throughout the year.

Manager Brian Monaco said the menu changes every day, creating unique experiences for every dinner.

“I’ll speak with people on the phone and they’re like, ‘Well, what’s on the menu?’ and I’m like, ‘Not sure, chef’s gonna do it the day or two before,’” Monaco said.

Chef Josh Slaughter said every meal will usually have four courses and will highlight a variety of different techniques.

“I’m classically French trained, though I’ve also cut sushi, so it would be, ‘How do I butcher this in sushi style but present it in classically French presentation?’” Slaughter said.

Bradbury said he and Slaughter hope to experiment with dining experiences, including serving meals without utensils on butcher paper or having a ceramicist craft special plates for a dinner.

“To the extent we can make it more personal, I think that’s where we’re gonna be more successful,” Bradbury said.