A project looking to improve Hillcroft Avenue for motorists and pedestrians alike is set to begin in early February.

Contractors will tackle the project on behalf of Houston Public Works Department focusing on three areas. First, a section of Hillcroft Avenue, from Bellaire Boulevard to High Star Drive, will be redesigned. This includes widening sidewalks along that section to a 6-foot minimum, while some places will have 7 to 8 feet-wide sidewalks. The section will also have bike lanes.

The second area of the project will redesign the intersection of Hillcroft Avenue at High Star Drive and Westward Street, in addition to providing a new pedestrian plaza on High Star Drive. To improve safety at the intersection, new pedestrian traffic signals will be added, along with pedestrian crossings and bicycle accommodations.

The third area of the project will focus on Westward Street, where 10-foot shared-use paths will be installed to serve as a hike and bike trial, along with widened 6-foot minimum sidewalks.

The project areas will be completed through four phases, with Phase 1 spanning Bellaire Boulevard to Dashwood Drive.

The construction project will cost approximately $4 million, with funding from the city of Houston and Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone No. 20. The project joins Houston’s efforts to contribute to the international Vision Zero movement, which seeks to provide safe and accessible streets for various uses, including driving, walking, biking, using a wheelchair, and riding transit.

Mayor Sylvester Turner signed the Vision Zero Executive Order Aug. 13, 2019 committing to end traffic deaths and serious injuries on Houston streets by 2030.