Jarmar Dupas is a Houston firefighter who owns Peaceful Lawn & Garden, a clean-energy, organic landscaping company that serves southwest Houston neighborhoods.

What tips would you give homeowners when it comes to successful garden maintenance?

It is often said that the best thing you can add to your garden is your shadow. The key to successful garden maintenance is to have regular hands and eyes on it so things don’t get out of control. With our wild weather, it’s best to have a regular cadence for garden maintenance whether it’s yourself or a garden maintenance company.

What are some of the trends you are seeing in the Inner Loop when it comes to landscaping and professional lawn care?

Definitely more focus on the overall ecological impact of our lawn and garden choices. We’re choosing to mulch more often to retain moisture. We’re choosing more native plants that are pollinator- and bird-friendly to add to our landscapes. With the beautiful tree-lined streets of the Inner Loop, we’re choosing more shade-tolerant turf grasses. It is fun to watch us have our beauty and contribute positively to our local environment.

What are the benefits of electric lawn service, and how does it compare to traditional gas-powered alternatives?

The thing we hear most is just how quiet it is. ... Along with that, there are many environmental benefits as well. The most obvious is the reduction in localized air pollution as well as the noise pollution we get from gas-powered blowers. ... When I think about it, hiring an electric lawn service is probably the simplest thing we can do to lower our carbon footprint without even lifting a finger.

What should homeowners do to prepare for working with a landscaping specialist?

Homeowners should first define their goals and vision for their home. Next, research and gather ideas to communicate their preferences effectively with a budget in mind. Assess their property and note any existing features or challenges as they prioritize their needs. Be open to professional advice, plan for maintenance, and discuss ongoing services. One thing we see often is people will start with a beautiful design and install, only to see it transform to an unsightly mess when there’s no plan for upkeep. That's the last thing that anyone wants to see happen.

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