M. Wiesenthal Men’s Collection continues family legacy of tailoring


In the corner of the Frost Bank office building in Bellaire sits a pair of black leather boots with the Great American Seal and the number 41 stitched in gold.

This pair of boots was worn by George H.W. Bush and given to the Wiesenthal family after Harold Wiesenthal, the owner of Harold’s in the Heights, tailored the president’s suit for his inauguration day.

After Harold’s in the Heights closed in 2011 after 61 years of business, the boots, along with the family’s legacy of fine men’s clothing and tailoring, now reside within M. Wiesenthal Men’s Collection, a business started seven years ago by Harold’s son, Michael.

“I started working at Harold’s when I was 14, and I just loved everything about it,” Wiesenthal said. “I guess I just inherited a gene from my ancestors that said I was born to be a merchant.”

Throughout M. Wiesenthal’s are a wide collection of coats, shirts, belts, shoes and ties varying in size and style.

All of them are ingredients for making an outfit that inspire confidence in the wearer, such as the first tailored suit that Wiesenthal remembers wearing.

“It felt different, I walked differently, I carried myself differently and it gave me this confidence level that was magic when I put that suit on,” Wiesenthal said. “It was handmade, and it was custom-fitted to me. I felt like Superman. The right clothing, the right fit, the right accessories and so forth—they give a person confidence.”

Wiesenthal offers high-end men’s formal wear, made-to-fit options for shirts, a selection of sportswear and tailoring and measuring services to ensure that customers get a suit or coat that fits their body and style.

Wiesenthal said the most important quality for a clothier to have is integrity when helping customers find the clothing that works best for them and to make sure it fits just right. The clothier said he takes pride in doing a good job when outfitting the men that come into his store.

“I’m not going to sell something to someone that doesn’t fit,” Wiesenthal said. “My best advertising is somebody walking out of here well-dressed and somebody out in public saying, ‘Hey, you look great. Where’d you buy that suit?’”

M. Wiesenthal Men’s Collection

6750 West Loop S., Ste. 170, Bellaire
Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m.- 1 p.m., closed Sun.

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