After weeks of debate, League City City Council has made a decision on residents keeping pigs as pets.

City Council voted unanimously May 24 to allow residents to keep pigs as pets with certain restrictions.

Pigs kept as pets must remain indoors, and any outdoor time must be brief, such as for the elimination of waste and exercise. Male pigs must be neutered, and female pigs must be spayed, despite the surgery to spay a pig being more complicated than neutering, according to League City documents.

Pigs must also receive annual vaccinations and be microchipped. Outdoor areas for pigs must be cleaned daily.

Council Member Chad Tressler added additional requirements when making a motion to approve allowing pigs as pets, including the restriction that pigs cannot be taller than 26 inches at the top of their shoulder. No other size restrictions, including on weight, were made.

City Council first voted in favor of a less restrictive version of the ordinance on April 26. After, it came back for a second and final reading on May 10, but City Council postponed it to get on the same page about certain restrictions.

Council members expressed relief at having the issue behind them after weeks of discussion.

“Thank God we’re done with the pigs,” Mayor Pat Hallisey said.