The debate about pigs as pets will go a little longer.

On May 10, League City City Council voted to postpone a decision on whether to allow residents to keep pigs as pets.

On April 26, City Council passed the first reading of an ordinance update to allow residents to keep pigs as pets. It requires the approval of a second reading to go into effect.

Under the ordinance, pigs would have to be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and registered with the city. Additionally, there would be no size restrictions for the pigs, meaning residents could keep pigs that grow to hundreds of pounds in their homes.

Pigs would also have to remain collared and stay indoors except for exercise or elimination of waste. Outdoor areas where pigs go would have to be cleaned daily, according to the ordinance.

Several residents spoke in opposition to allowing pigs as pets, citing concerns about pigs’ noise, size, aggression and other issues. One resident on May 10 expressed doubt the city would be able to enforce the ordinance to have residents register their pigs because so many cats and dogs are not registered with the city.

Council Member Justin Hicks made the motion to postpone, noting he believes there needs to be more restrictions on pigs allowed as pets, particularly on their allowed size.

Police Chief Gary Ratliff sent council members a letter outlining concerns with the ordinance, Council Member Larry Millican said. His concerns were not discussed at the meeting, but Ratliff did discover other cities that allow pigs as pets do have several restrictions in place, Mayor Pat Hallisey said.

Council Member Nick Long said he is not opposed to size restrictions on pigs. In addition, he said he does not see the point of the ordinance requiring pigs be registered with the city when residents do not need to register their guns.

Council Member Hank Dugie said he agrees with removing the registration requirement.

Long also requested that the ordinance clearly states that it does not trump homeowners association restrictions or deed restrictions that may prevent residents from keeping pigs as pets in certain neighborhoods.

The vote to postpone the matter passed 5-3 with Council Members Dugie, John Bowen and Chad Tressler opposed. It will be brought before council again at a later date after city staff makes changes to the proposed ordinance.