League City is improving sections of Lynn Gripon Park alongside Magnolia Creek in order to enhance accessibility to the creek for city staff, improve drainage and eventually extend the park’s network of mountain bike trails.

The details

The project aims to create a more accessible creek crossing for League City Parks and Recreation staff to access the creek’s east side and allow for the second phase of development of the city’s mountain bike trail, which is located in the park, according to a March 19 news release from the city.

Once completed, the low-water bridge crossing will consist of three box culverts, a concrete pavement section for trail crossing and grading around the crossing location, according to the release.

The majority of the land clearing has been completed, and the box culverts required for the crossing have been constructed, according to the release. However, the box culverts are still being held at the manufacturer's facility while other work goes on.

The contractor is currently working on wetland protection measures and constructing a temporary diversion channel, which is necessary to install the bridge crossing, according to the release.

Quote of note

“An additional benefit of the bridge crossing is the clearing that you’ll see going on between here and the dog park,” project manager Anthony Talluto said in a video from the city. “That serves as clearing and de-snagging efforts for drainage, so whenever we get heavy rain, a lot of the underbrush and trees slow down that water from getting out to Clear Creek. So, this will help that water get out quicker.”

In the city’s 2017 Parks and Recreation Master Plan, residents were surveyed about their desired park improvements, and this creek crossing and the extended mountain bike trail were requested features, Talluto said.

Looking ahead

The city hopes to complete the project by May, Talluto said in the video.