Multiple development projects are underway in the city of Seabrook, in part due to the increased traffic brought in by the ongoing expansion of Hwy. 146 set to finish in 2023, Seabrook Director of Economic Development Paul Chavez said.

“That [Hwy. 146] expansion, while it’s been a real heartache and real headache, it’s also been an interesting opportunity to see how this community is going to be reimagining itself moving forward,” Chavez said.

Early construction is expected to begin on the 19.5-acre The Edge development in early February, Chavez said. Developer HS Development Co. plans to build apartments, retail shops and other commercial buildings, Community Impact previously reported.

“The Edge has been a gleam in our eyes for so long and it’s finally starting to happen,” Chavez said.

The city also plans to upgrade Main Street in the Old Seabrook District, following its Livable Center study. Plans are under design for the upgrades, City Manager Gayle Cook said.