Passion for teaching drives Kelsey Parker, who went from teaching elementary school students to instructing clients on the forms of Pilates at her recently opened ReformHer Pilates studio in League City. Parker named the business after the equipment used in reformer-based Pilates and a desire to create a women-friendly space, though the studio is open to men as well.

“This is the perfect way that I could continue teaching and working with other people in an environment that’s so much more calming, and it’s really been so much more fulfilling than I ever would have imagined,” Parker said.

Parker first learned Pilates when she was younger as a supplemental exercise for figure skating. However, she fell in love with the exercise and kept practicing it on the side until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to rethink her work-life balance.

“I loved what I did, [and] I loved my kids, but I was working probably 60 hours a week and not having time for myself, my mental health and my physical health,” she said.

Pilates kept Parker interested over the years because rather than a high-intensity set of repetitions, it was a low-impact workout that she said allowed for more of a mind-body connection and was meditative. Her classes run for about 50 minutes, and students utilize a variety of equipment, including reformer machines and Pilates towers with adjustable resistances.

Opening her own studio and teaching Pilates has affected Parker’s life in a lot of ways, such as reducing her hours and finding purpose in her clients’ journeys, she said. Even though she works fewer hours than when she was an elementary school teacher, she said that the hours she does work are far more intense.

“People come to me crying and thanking me that [Pilates] really changed their lives,” Parker said. “I’ve watched them grow, not only in their practice, but just in general in their lifestyle outside of the studio as well.”

Parker said she has plans and hopes to grow the business beyond one studio under the “Her” brand umbrella. She said she is glad to see a community has built up and is grateful for local community resources, such as the University of Houston’s Small Business Development Center, that helped advise her on how to start her own local business.

Beginner Pilates forms

These are a few basic forms ReformHer Pilates owner Kelsey Parker recommended for beginners.

Bridging: a form that works out the glutes, hamstrings and core

Plank & Pike: two related forms that respectively transition into each other and work out the core

Teaser: a form that focuses on balance and working out the core

ReformHer Pilates

501 E. Main St., Ste. 6, League City


Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6-10 a.m., closed Sat.-Sun.