The annual Texas Renaissance Festival begins this weekend and runs through the last weekend in November.

1. Turkey Leg

Eat lunch the way King Henry VII would with a large roasted turkey leg.

Where to find it: Fat Friar’s Eats, Feast of Fowl, Friar’s Kitchen, The Muffeletta Booth, Wizard’s Way

2. Anything on a stick

Sausage, chicken, fried bacon, grilled pork, cheesecake, steak, pickles or even fried alligator can be found served on a stick.

Where to find it: Bifteck de Charles, Dragon Wings, El Camino Real, Fat Friar’s Eats, Friar’s Kitchen, Golden Dragon, Homme de Mer, Italian Grill, Peasant Potatos and Mushroom, The Beefeater Pub, The Captain’s Grill Buccaneer’s Beefstick, The Kings Pub, The Robin’s Nest, The Wurst Haus, Warsaw, The Whale’s Tail Inn, Wizard’s Way

3. Funnel cake

The classic festival dessert is also called Queen Anne’s Lace.

Where to find it: Decadent Delights in Sherwood Forest

4. Scotch egg

A hard-boiled egg is wrapped in ground sausage and breadcrumbs and fried.

Where to find it: The Queen’s Pantry

5. Elephant ear

Sweetened dough is flattened and fried to a crisp to resemble the ear of an elephant.

Where to find it: Decadent Delights in Sherwood Forest


To wash down all that food, the festival also features a number of adult and nonalcoholic beverages for purchase.

King's Cola, hot cider, hot chocolate and iced coffee are available throughout the festival grounds.

The renaissance festival’s official mead—or honey wine—is made by Enchanted Manor Meadery in Magnolia and is served at many of the vendor booths. A tasting room can also be found near the festival arena.

Brigadoon Brewery will also be at the festival serving craft beer brewed on-site, including Scottish, English, Dragon and Fairy Ales as well as Oktoberfest and pumpkin beers.

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