Voter Guide 2018: Incumbent Randy Weber faces Adrienne Bell and Don Conley for District 14 U.S. Representative


Learn more about the candidates running for U.S. Representative, District 14.

Adrienne Bell

Adrienne Bell is the Democratic nominee for U.S. Representative for District 14. (via Courtesy Adrienne Bell)

Adrienne Bell (D)

Occupation: Second Grade Teacher, Houston ISD
Experience: Battleground TX – Deputy Field Dir, O.F.A. Houston – Field Organizer, Community Outreach Dir- Sylvia Garcia (2013 State Senate Campaign)

What do you hope to accomplish during your term? In my first term I hope to establish advocacy boards and task forces to engage our communities and create a two-way dialogue between government and the people to enhance our ability to put resources where they are most needed. Advocacy boards would include but aren’t limited to a Community Veteran’s engagement board and a citizen’s police oversight board. Task Forces would include but aren’t limited to a Community Rapid Response task force during emergencies, and a community revitalization task force for our most neglected areas. I would also prioritize any opportunities to increase jobs by providing resources and incentives to increase upstart and small business ownership as well as direct resources to early childhood education.

What makes you qualified to hold this office? I am a mother, grandmother, and an involved member of our community that has and will continue to fight for our communities to be heard. I see the needs of our people, I’ve lived those struggles, and I’m prepared to ring the bell all over Washington to make sure we are heard.

What should voters keep in mind in the ballot box this November?
Our representatives either don’t see what’s going on or they choose not to act. Our communities are suffering and our representatives don’t hear us. But NOW is the time to be heard. Ring the bell.

Don Conley III

Don Conley III is the libertarian candidate running for U.S. Representative of District 14. (via Courtesy Don Conley III)

Don Conley III (L)

Occupation: Internet director for automobile dealer
Experience: U.S. Army reserves, member of Kiwanis for 6 years spending 4 years on the board of directors and the last year as president.

What do you hope to accomplish in your term? My main goal is to cut government spending and balance the budget along with end the prohibition on cannabis.

What makes you qualified to hold this office? I am an active citizen in my community. I participate I several community organization groups. I am not a career politician and have no desire to be. I want to get in fix the issues and get out.

What should voters keep in mind in the ballot box this November? Vote for the person not the parties and the corporations that run them. The U.S. House was designed to be ran by every day citizens and not career politicians.

Randy Weber (R)


Rep. Weber did not respond to requests for information.

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