Mary Calixtro will face incumbent Anna Eby for the Georgetown City Council District 1 seat on May 5. Early voting will begin April 23 and continue until May 1.

Council members voted March 13 to cancel the election for District 5 when only one candidate, BBVA Compass bank president Kevin Pitts, filed for election to take the spot of incumbent Ty Gipson, who decided not to file to run for another term.

Districts 1 and 5 were the only two council positions up for election this year.

Georgetown City Council District 1

The council has seven members, each elected from individual districts, who adopt the city’s annual budget, enact local legislation and set city policies. Council members are elected to three-year terms. District 1 covers territory east of I-35 and south of University Avenue and includes portions of Old Town and St. David’s Georgetown Hospital.

Mary Calixtro

Experience: Tellabs Inc. electronic associate for 20 years; St. Helen Catholic Church Hispanic ministry coordinator for eight years; Servicios Bilingues for one year; Southeast Georgetown Community Council cofounder and community liaison for one year; Hispanic Parents in Action coordinator; Getsemani Community Center board of directors; GISD District Perfomance Council; Courageous Conversations GTX

Contact:, [email protected]

Anna Eby (incumbent)

Experience: More than 10 years as business litigation and appellate attorney; three years as law firm owner; co-founder of two nonprofits; District 1 City Council member since 2015; City Council mayor pro tem; Georgetown Animal Shelter Advisory board member; South Georgetown TIRZ member; Clean Air Coalition Committee of the Capital Area Council of Governments member; Southwestern University Board of Visitors member

Contact:,, [email protected]

Why are you running for this position?

Calixtro: I am running for this position because I would like to connect and include any person or community group who feels they are not being heard (and) to be a voice for the community.

Eby: I am running for re-election because there has never been a more important time to have effective, experienced, ethical and nonpartisan leaders in Georgetown. I want to continue to do my part to encourage smart planning and decision making as we manage the opportunities and challenges of growth. I also want to continue pushing for high ethical standards and accountability for elected officials.

What will be your priorities if you are elected?

Calixtro: My priorities will be affordable housing options, community engagement, and a more conscientious planning to Georgetown’s rapid growth.

Eby: My top priority is to continue to be an independent voice of reason, regardless of the issue before Council. My specific priorities for a second term include reinstating a strong ethics ordinance and focusing on issues of access to resources and information for those, particularly in my district, with limited access. This includes issues such as access to transportation and housing options, as well as improved communication between the City and the community.

What is the biggest challenge facing the city and how should City Council address that challenge?

Calixtro: Rapid growth is the biggest challenge. (City Council could) be more open to change on the ways business has been conducted at present.

Eby: Our biggest challenge continues to be managing growth appropriately in both the short and long terms. Council has been focusing on this challenge a great deal, and we need to continue to work to create and implement policies that are clear, consistent, and focused on allowing Georgetown to continue to grow and evolve as a community while maintaining its unique character and not overlooking its more vulnerable residents.

What has City Council done well, and what could it do better?

Calixtro: Setting goals and consistent meeting is what council has done well. Be intentional of outreach to all small business owners, leaders and residents in the community (is what council could do better).

Eby: Council and city staff have done well at consistently lowering our tax rate and implementing a responsible and effective budget. Council has also done well in planning strategically in the midst of historic growth and in focusing on innovation. It can continue to improve in strategic planning and in balancing the short- and long-term consequences of growth. There is also room to increase our focus on innovation and in thinking “outside the box.” Finally, Council can do better in holding itself to the highest ethical standards.