Denton County residents seeking help for a mental illness, developmental disability, depression or suicidal thoughts can turn to Denton County MHMR.

The center is a nonprofit organization specializing in treatment and support for individuals diagnosed with a mental illness or developmental disability. Denton County MHMR is the local mental health and developmental disabilities authority for Denton County.

Troy Manning, Denton County MHMR administrator of Quality Management and Utilization Management, said many of the individuals that Denton County MHMR serve do not have health insurance or access to care.

“We certainly serve to our capacity and continue to get people coming and seeking services,” he said.

The center’s services include cognitive behavioral therapy, a Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, psychiatric services, day habilitation programs and a hospital liaison for those admitted to state hospitals.

Manning said with everything the center offers, there is still a need for more medical, occupational and housing services in Denton County.

“What we try to be is a spot where someone can come, and if we can’t provide that service then we’re trying to figure out how we can connect them to those services,” he said.

The most requested services include prescribing psychiatric medication and counseling, Manning said.

For someone experiencing a psychiatric emergency, the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team is available 24/7 for clinical assessments. The team assesses whether someone is at risk for harming himself or herself or others and then determines the best course of action for treatment.

Individuals can also visit a 24-hour psychiatric triage clinic in Denton for a clinical assessment.

Manning said Denton County MHMR’s mission is to be the health provider for those who have no other means of getting help.

The Center for Integrated Health
2509 Scripture St., Ste. 103, Denton

Denton Outpatient Clinic
2519 Scripture St., Denton

Psychiatric Triage Clinic
2509 Scripture St., Ste. 100, Denton

McKinney Outpatient Clinic
3835 Morse St., Denton

Morse Street Clinic
3827 Morse St., Ste. 101, Denton

Lewisville Outpatient Clinic
101 E. Corporate Drive, Ste. 150, Lewisville