Black Friday Hot Deals co-owner Ameer Alhazma is used to giving people good deals on a variety of options.

After selling goods at discounted prices with his father at flea markets, Alhazma searched for a way to continue this business in a permanent retail space. He fulfilled that dream in December 2020 when he opened Black Friday Hot Deals at 1750 E. Belt Line Road, Unit 100, in Richardson.

“We basically have a Black Friday sale every day here,” Alhazma said. “The store is full of different types of merchandise. People call it a mini-Target here.”

Unlike a thrift store, which buys inventory from customers, Black Friday’s merchandise comes by the truckload from big-box stores, such as Target, Walmart and Lowe’s. These items are bought by Black Friday at heavy discounts because they come in a damaged box or are in overstock, Alhazma said. This allows Black Friday to offer prices 50%-70% cheaper than online and retail stores for new items, including clothing.

“All of the clothes we sell are brand new with tags on them,” he said. “They may be originally priced [at] $60-$80, but [customers] can get the clothes and shoes for $6 brand new.”

Since opening in 2020, Black Friday has included a variety of high-priced items, including mattresses, car parts and a generator with a retail value of $3,000. Alhazma said these unique items rarely remain in the store for long periods of time. In addition to individual items, the store also sells pallets that may contain over 20 items in one package.

“One of the main appeals of the store is its constant shift in inventory,” Alhazma said.

Receiving two truckloads every week, the store changes its inventory every few days, which provides guests with a new product to buy on any trip, Alhazma said.

“The customer likes being able to come back and shop for widely different products every time they visit,” Alhazma said. “We just got this couch set two days ago. It’ll be gone soon and replaced with a different item, so we’re constantly highlighting new products.”

Alhazma said the store’s prices attract people from outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with some coming from as far away as Tennessee. He said he appreciates having a loyal customer base and hopes to build upon the store’s reputation going forward.

Despite the low prices, Alhazma said Black Friday prioritizes high-quality products and customer service. Whenever the store receives a shipment, Alhazma and his father check for any damaged or broken items. The store offers a limited policy for exchanges.

“We try our best to make sure every customer leaves satisfied with what they’ve bought,” Alhazma said. “If it doesn’t work, we take it back, and we give them something that works. We don’t like to make the customers upset so that we can guarantee they come back.”

Black Friday Hot Deals

1750 E. Belt Line Road, Unit 100, Richardson


Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. daily