Tucked away in a shaded corner of a south Richardson business park, Paul Riddell runs a viewing gallery without any typical art installations. Instead, the Texas Triffid Ranch offers visitors the chance to view 45 different species of carnivorous plants and hybrids. Carnivorous plants attract, capture and digest small creatures.

“We really are a gallery more than anything else,” Riddell said of his fish tank-sized enclosures. “All of these are custom pieces made by myself. I [also] do a lot of commissions and consignments.”

Riddell became enamored with carnivorous plants after coming across a purple pitcher plant in the wild while living in Tallahassee, Florida, in 2002. After moving back to North Texas, he began showing his own carnivorous plants at events beginning in 2008.

“I ended up doing presentations for events, such as comic and science fiction conventions, mostly because most people have never seen any of these in person before,” Riddell said.

He then set up the first Texas Triffid Ranch gallery space in 2015 before moving to Richardson in 2017.

In addition to showing at upcoming conventions, the Texas Triffid Ranch holds monthly porch sales where customers can buy plant enclosures. Those typically range in price from $25-$450, though commissioned pieces can go higher, Riddell said.

“I do a lot of work for doctors, dentists [and] lawyers who want to have something there to go in their office,” he said.

Riddell said he also advises people on getting started and what to do after their first purchases.

“[My regulars now] show me pictures of their kids,” he said. “In some cases, it’s literally their human kids and their plants have grown up together. That’s a lot of fun.”

Texas Triffid Ranch

405 Business Parkway, Richardson



Hours: By appointment