Nestled inside a Richardson neighborhood, just minutes away from the hustle and bustle of commercial development CityLine, is Windmill Stables.

The business, which opened in the 1980s, is home to 14 lesson horses and provides riding instruction to more than 80 students.

Barn manager, trainer and instructor Kori •Delcambre said students at Windmill Stables learn all aspects of horsemanship, from riding to handling the animals. The business offers private and group lessons; however, all students begin with one-on-one instruction. Windmill Stables also holds annual competitions for its students in the spring and fall, and plans are in the works to add a third event, Delcambre said.

The business has primarily offered English-style lessons but recently expanded to include the instruction in the Western discipline. At Windmill Stables, English jumping lessons are the most popular, Delcambre said.

Lesson horses come from a variety of backgrounds. April, a student favorite, was previously used for mounted shooting competitions.

Students range in age from 7-55 years old, Delcambre said. Spending time with the horses makes a noticeable impact on riders, she added.

“It’s made a lot of difference to them, just being around horses: ... their attitude, their behavior, their mental health,” she said.

The stable also offers a working student volunteer program, which allows riders to help with chores around the barn in exchange for volunteer hours or credits toward lessons.

Matt and Sandy Seaton have owned the stable for the past three years, but in late February, Tyler and Erin Hufstetler bought the facility. According to Delcambre, the family plans to continue expanding the stable’s riding program.

Windmill Stables

2029 N. Cliffe Road, Richardson


Hours: 9 a.m.-9 p.m. daily