With the majority of its staff consisting of mothers, children’s accessories brand Milk Snob has a distinct outlook on the needs of parents.

The company, which is headquartered in Richardson, produces products that appeal to the wants and needs of modern parents, Chief Operations Officer Babette Bevan said.

“We all want to develop and create products that we feel safe buying for our children,” Bevan said. “Would I be OK with my baby using this? If the answer is yes, then we’re comfortable putting it out on the market.”

Milk Snob offers a variety of baby clothing and products designed for prospective mothers. These include the 5-in-1 Milk Snob multifunctional baby covers, blankets, hats and more. Its products are sold online via Amazon or its website, and through brick-and-mortar stores such as Target.

The business was started by Melanie Disbrow in 2013. Disbrow developed the line’s first product in Allen after needing a breathable alternative for a baby seat cover. She began to grow her business in 2016 after an appearance on “Shark Tank,” opening its headquarters in Richardson in 2019.

Bevan oversees operations at the company’s headquarters, which also serves as a distribution center for Milk Snob’s products. She began working in marketing for Milk Snob in 2016 after being introduced to the product as a mother herself. Bevan said she hopes to oversee Milk Snob’s continued growth and expansion within Dallas-Fort Worth in the near future.

She said that Milk Snob’s products fit a variety of styles and uses with parents able to find the products that best suit them.

“Our goal is to have everything that mom wants suited for her style,” Bevan said. “We believe that just because you have a baby doesn’t mean that your style changes. We have all the things that mom might want in this new phase of her life.”

That personal approach to the company’s catalog helped inspire its newest products—pacifiers made of silicone that also function as teethers. Milk Snob began selling the items in 2020.

“We loved the concept of one piece of material, so that it’s not coming apart, not a choking hazard and it doesn’t get dirty,” Bevan said.

Milk Snob also offers a number of licensed products, Bevan said. The business partnered with Disney in 2017 and launched its first line of Disney-branded items in early 2018. Since then, Milk Snob has added other marketable brands such as “Star Wars” and “Harry Potter.”

Products are sold online via:

214-643-6733 | www.milksnob.com