Town officials plan to spend the coming year focusing on capital improvement projects and growing the town’s tax base, Mayor David Bristol said at a Jan. 25 town update.

Looking back

Bristol said he and his wife moved to Prosper in 2000 when the town had 2,500 residents.

Roughly 38,000 people live in Prosper today, Bristol said. As the town’s population grew, officials spent 2023 laying the groundwork for long-term road projects, with $39.2 million in street infrastructure approved for fiscal year 2023-24.

Some local roads projects slated to start in 2024 include:“That's a lot of concrete going down here in the town of Prosper,” Bristol said.

Prosper staff also made multiple advances in public safety during 2023, including:
  • Opening the Central Fire Station
  • Purchasing a new truck for Fire Station No. 2
  • Activating new Flock Camera System license plate scanners
  • Hiring 30 new firefighters and police officers
Looking ahead

Prosper’s success in drawing in new businesses, such as at the Gates of Prosper or in the downtown area, has helped diversify the town’s tax base, Bristol said. Incoming companies such as Costco are expected to further spur that growth, he said.

“The idea is not to have our residents paying all the taxes,” Bristol said. “We want to continue to build out our tax base so that we have a variety of commercial taxes, sales taxes, and that funds our actual government services.”

Learn more

More information about Prosper’s projects can be found on the town’s website.