Collin County commissioners will decide whether to put a $683 million bond on the November ballot during their upcoming Aug. 14 meeting.

The bond proposal comes from a planning board, which made the recommendation to the commissioners Aug. 7.

The planning board members said they don’t think the $683 million is enough, Board Chair Rusty Glover said during the Aug. 7 meeting.

“We really do feel like that we’re kind of behind a little bit on where the growth is, especially in roadway infrastructure,” he said.

The details

The bond includes five measures with the largest at $380 million dedicated to roads and county transportation projects. The county animal shelter and detention center are among other items up for improvements.

Proposition A includes $261.86 million for justice facility projects, such as:
  • Completion of the Adult Detention Center infirmary expansion and renovation project and the jail kitchen
  • Russel A. Steindam Courts Building expanding to add 12 courtrooms and office suites and a 400-plus vehicle garage
  • Juvenile justice construction of an additional housing cluster, and the move and expansion of the Plano Juvenile Probation Office
The timeline varies per project, according to an Aug. 7 presentation.

Proposition B includes $5.7 million for the county’s animal shelter. Renovations would include construction of a one-story, 10,000-square-foot addition attached to the north side of the existing animal shelter building. This addition would include:
  • Four kennel runs
  • A cat quarantine room and sick bay
  • A clinic room with two surgery bays
  • Office and storage areas
  • Education and meeting rooms
The construction is estimated to be complete by February 2027, according to the presentation.

Proposition C is $13.36 million for a medical examiner’s office. The project would include construction of a one-story, 20,000-square-foot facility. The building would include:
  • Family meeting rooms
  • Administration and shared office area
  • Autopsy complex
  • Address: 2300 Bloomdale Road, McKinney
The project would be partially funded by American Rescue Plan Act funds of nearly $4 million. Construction will take nearly three years to complete with an estimated August 2025 completion, according to the presentation.

Proposition D encompasses $22.45 million for parks and open spaces throughout the county. The bond could:
  • Provide $20 million in funding to cities and other organizations on a match basis for development of parks and open space
  • Use $2.45 million for selected construction and renovation at the Myers Park and Event Center
Proposition E dedicates $380 million for various road projects. This includes:
  • Rebuilding county roads that are projected to be overloaded
  • Development of regional corridor roadways
  • Development of the Outer Loop
  • Additional funding for US 380
  • Regular contribution to Texas Department of Transportation projects
  • City thoroughfare improvements
The county has a need for road improvements because of the increase in traffic in recent years, Glover said.

The backstory

Collin County last called a bond election in 2018, which was approved. The $750 million bond package funded construction and expansion of high-speed roadways, arterial roads, and open space and park projects.

Discussions regarding a potential Nov. 7 bond dates back to February when commissioners voted to move forward with bond discussions.

Looking ahead

The commissioners will meet Aug. 14, and they are slated to discuss the bond. The bond must be placed on the ballot by Aug. 21 if commissioners wish to see it on the Nov. 7 ballot.