Updated Nov. 8, 9:20 a.m.

According to unofficial results, Prosper ISD voters have approved three of the four bond propositions—and said no to a new athletic stadium.

"We are profoundly grateful for the overwhelming support shown by our community," Superintendent Holly Ferguson said in an online statement. "The 2023 bond isn’t just an investment in the present, it is a commitment that will resonate positively within our community for generations to come."

Proposition A, which would provide for new schools, buses and other district facility needs, passed with 66.65% of votes. Proposition B, meant to upgrade technology, passed with 64.75% of votes.

Votes for Proposition C, which would provide a new athletic stadium and upgrades to current facilities, stalled with 46.28% of votes for the item and 53.72% against it. The new performing arts center in Proposition D passed with 56.88% of votes.

The district's board of trustees has tentatively scheduled the canvass of votes for Nov. 13.

Updated Nov. 7, 11:13 p.m.

With additional vote centers reporting, Prosper ISD's Proposition A has 65.66% of votes in support. Proposition B shows 68.4% in favor. Proposition C's split shifted with 46.29% in favor and 53.71% against the item. Proposition D has garnered 56.88% of counted votes.

Collin County has 54 of 57 precincts reporting, with Denton County having 197 of 238 reporting.

Updated Nov. 7, 10:35 p.m.

County data shows 67.06% of counted votes support Proposition A. For Proposition B, votes in favor lead with 66.04%. Voting for Proposition C remains split with 51.08% of counted votes in favor and 48.92% of votes against. Proposition D has 58.45% voting for the performing arts center.

Collin County has 31 of 57 voter centers reporting, while Denton County has 158 of 233 reporting.

Updated Nov. 7, 9:15 p.m.

For Proposition A, votes in favor lead with 69.22% of the ballots counted. Votes in favor of Proposition B hold at 67.87% of the votes. Proposition C for the new stadium is split with 50.48% against and 49.52% of votes showing support. Proposition D sits with 49.73% voting for the item.

Collin County has 12 of 57 vote centers reporting, while Denton County has 83 of 238 reporting.

Posted Nov. 7. 7:25 p.m.

Collin County has released early voting totals for the Prosper ISD school bond election. The district's bond package included four propositions—A, B, C and D.
  • Proposition A includes $2.4 billion for building new schools, buying land for school sites and purchasing buses. This has garnered 69.67% voting for the item.
  • Proposition B has 68.35% of voters voting for the item. This includes $140 million to upgrade technology and provide new devices for students, teachers and district staff.
  • Proposition C, which includes $102 million for a second athletic stadium and renovating existing facilities, is close with 50.01% of votes leading for and 49.99% of votes against the item.
  • Proposition D has 60.14% voting in favor of the item. This proposition would utilize $125 million to build a performing arts center.
A closer look

In early voting, there were 46,906 ballots cast in Collin County, which represents 6.7% of the county's 703,994 registered voters. In Denton County, there were 46,156 ballots cast during early voting, representing 7.4% of the county's 624,348 voters.

Totals from ballots cast May 1 have yet to be released. Polls closed at 7 p.m., although voters who were in line at 7 p.m. were still able to cast ballots.

Stay tuned

Community Impact will update this article as more election day vote totals are released. All results are unofficial until canvassed.

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