The Dallas Area Rapid Transit board will hold a public hearing Nov. 15 for a proposed Silver Line Shiloh Road layover facility in Plano.

The facility adjacent to the commuter rail line would provide light maintenance for vehicles, including daily cleanings, inspections and refueling, according to documents from the board's Sept. 27 meeting. The facility would also have a maintenance platform and have room to store up to eight diesel multiple-unit vehicles, which are the diesel-powered trains used by the commuter rail line, documents show.

The layover facility will be located west of Shiloh Road along railroad tracks within DART's right of way. DART is also planning to lease space nearby at 3201 Technology Drive to support the layover facility with office space, parking, storage and other uses, documents stated.

According to DART meeting documents, the location of the new facility would enhance operations and save about $4.7 million a year.

The 26-mile Silver Line project is being constructed to connect seven cities, including Plano, and four counties in the North Dallas area with commuter rail service. It is expected to start service in 2024.

The public hearing will be held as part of DART's regular board meeting Nov. 15 at 1401 Pacific Ave., Dallas. For more information, visit

This map shows the area to be used for the layover facility. (Courtesy Dallas Area Rapid Transit)