Plano ISD staff provided an update on its projected budget for next school year as the process nears approval.

The overview

The district is currently projecting a $37 million budget shortfall for the 2024-25 school year, according to a presentation during the April 2 PISD board of trustees meeting.

Deputy Superintendent Johnny Hill said that PISD has projected a budget shortfall for each of the last seven school years, but the district has always ended the year with a deficit.

“We amend the budget throughout the year, and we’re always looking for ways to improve that bottom line,” he said.

Zooming in

The majority of PISD’s $549.99 million of expenses are projected to go toward instruction, with the next largest chunks being set aside for student and nonstudent support. Across all functions, 83.1% of the projected expenditures will be spent on payroll.

A 3% raise for all staff was also approved during its April 2 meeting.

Around 91.4% of PISD’s revenues are projected to come from local property taxes, although 23.4% of that will go toward the district’s recapture payment. Recapture redistributes property tax dollars from property wealthy districts to those the state deems property poor.

The district projects a $156 million recapture payment this year.

What’s next

Some variables will still be updated before the budget is finalized and adopted in June, Chief Financial Officer Courtney Reeves said. Projected department budgets will be shared during the school board’s April 16 meeting, and a preliminary budget will be presented in May.