On April 14, Luby’s will close the doors to the Plano location. The restaurant opened in 1994, General Manager Steven Burke said.

Burke said the building is slated to be demolished. The contents of the restaurant belong to Luby’s and will be used at other restaurant locations. Many of the employees have worked at this Luby’s for decades.

“They all have the option to transfer to another Luby’s,” Burke said. “We have three in Dallas and one in Fort Worth.”

Burke, who started working at this Luby’s in 2021, said he and other members of management will go to work at the Luby’s on Midway Road in Dallas.

Since the news of the upcoming closure became public, Burke said customers have been very vocal about their feelings.

“It's like they’re going through the stages of grief—a little bit of anger, a little bit of denial,” he said. “We tell them we appreciate their loyalty over the years, and we hope it continues at other locations. They generally seem hurt. They say they love us, and we’ve become a part of their family. It’s the same with us.”

Burke said they have some customers who have been with them since they opened 30 years ago. He said he hopes to see them, and all their customers, at the location on Midway Road. If they say they are a “Plano friend,” they will get a 20% discount.

Luby’s is a cafeteria-style restaurant. Burke said fried fish, also called “square fish” is their top seller. Meatloaf and enchiladas are also crowd pleasers. Customers will find approximately 20 entree, 20 vegetable and 15 dessert options daily.

“The counter is our visual menu,” Burke said. “You pick your entree, and each entree comes with sides.”