Albert Vardanian, owner of Deluxe Restaurant and Banquet Hall, said when first time customers walk through the doors of his business, they often express surprise over the elegant look of the restaurant. It is decorated with white table linens, feathery centerpieces and sparkling light fixtures.

Vardanian opened Deluxe Restaurant and Banquet Hall, formerly Deluxe Market and Grill, in April 2021. He said he recently changed the name of the business because it no longer has a market, and the space is also available to rent as a banquet hall.

The restaurant’s chef, Marina Studennikova, is Russian and created the recipes for the Eastern European menu. Those include items, such as chebureki, which is deep-fried dough folded over and filled with ground beef or chicken for $12; koreyskaya, which is a carrot salad made with roasted carrots, garlic and koreyskaya spices for $10.99; and barbecue chicken, which consists of charbroiled skewered pieces of marinaded boneless chicken cubes for $18.99. The restaurant also has a lunch menu with main dishes for $11.99.

Vardanian is Armenian, and he said he chose Plano as the location for his eatery because there were not any places nearby that served Armenian barbecue.

“To do tasty barbecue, it is Armenian; it is in our blood,” he said. “When I was a kid, we were always doing a barbecue. It is like a tradition—it is a traditional meal.”

He said the restaurant’s clientele is comprised of many nationalities, such as Russian, Ukranian, Armenian and more. He credits a local Armenian church for helping him spread the word about the restaurant.

Every Saturday night, a performer sings in Russian; however, she also takes requests.

“The other day there were Persians here, like 12 people,” Vardanian said. “She said she could not sing in the Persian language, but she found the music on the internet and started to play Persian music just to make those people feel comfortable.”

Deluxe Restaurant and Banquet Hall

3291 Independence Parkway, Ste. 400


Hours: Mon.-Sun. noon-8 p.m.