The McKinney City Council unanimously approved a project that would bring townhomes and a commercial space to the southern portion of the city at a Sept. 6 meeting.

The land is located at the northwest corner of Silverado Trail and McKinney Ranch Parkway. David Kalhoefer with Peloton Land Solutions presented on behalf of the applicant a request to modify the land from a planned development district and regional employment center to allow for single-family residential and commercial uses.

The current zoning allows residential components, but in the form of live-work units, which the applicant wished to change and add commercial uses to.

“Market demand has diminished the need for live-work-style residences, and the proposed townhomes would be a suitable buffer between the remaining retail tracts and the existing single-family homes within the Brookstone subdivision to the north,” the letter of intent from Peloton Land Solutions stated.

Of the total site space, about 8.4 acres would be dedicated to the townhomes, and separately about 5,000 square feet of retail would be added. The plan also proposes some open space within the townhome community.

Members of nearby neighborhoods and a neighboring church expressed concerns regarding the impact of the potential development on this land, ranging from emergency vehicle access to what would happen with the commercial portion of the property.

The developer agreed to limit all structures built to a maximum of 30 feet, complying with a request made by the City Council in response to complaints from the residents. Additionally, the proposed development would remove uses that are allowed now and exclude a selection of adult-oriented businesses from being able to use the commercial space.

Council Member Patrick Cloutier expressed interest in having “more townhomes on ... infill properties in McKinney,” rather than what could otherwise be commercial development.

“Commercial is just struggling,” he said. “I'm not terribly concerned about anyone thinking this [piece of land] is going to be a profoundly successful commercial place.”

“It's a wonky piece of property,” Mayor Pro Tem Rainey Rogers said. “I think it's the best thing we're gonna get.”