Construction on a new elevated water storage tank in west McKinney is set to begin in April, Director of Public Works Ryan Gillingham said in an email.

The details

McKinney City Council members approved a roughly $11.25 million contract for the construction of the water storage tank as part of the consent agenda at a March 5 meeting.

The project, which began design in February 2022, will include a new elevated water storage tank located at the southwest corner of Stacy Road and Watters Branch Drive.

The city received three bids for the project, and selected the bid from Kentucky-based Caldwell Tanks Inc. The contract includes a 540 day construction period, Gillingham said, and the project is expected to be completed by October 2025. The contract amount is also not to exceed $12.6 million, according to city documents.

Diving in deeper

The elevated water storage tank is used to provide the area with drinking water and also ensures that in the case of a fire, there are “sufficient volumes of water,” Gillingham said.

“As McKinney continues to grow, elevated water storage tanks are added to the water distribution system to help provide consistent water flow to the community,” Gillingham said.

The water pressure zone where the tank is being added serves over 50,000 households. Increased local demand for water also spurred the addition of a new pump station in McKinney, which is expected to also be completed in 2025.