Ask the editor: How did ‘Community Impact Newspaper’ pick the top 9 stories to follow in 2019?


Our Annual Community Guide is an issue we put out every January, and for the past two years we have included top stories to follow. These stories are a look back at the previous year and a look forward to what is expected to happen in the year to come.

To compile our top stories we look to readers. We asked readers on Facebook and Nextdoor what they saw as the biggest issue facing McKinney in 2019. Feedback ranged from traffic and transportation to housing and development.

With the help of our readers and community, we have taken the top nine issues we think shaped 2018 and will continue shaping McKinney in 2019. These topics include commercial development, US 380, a potential city bond, school safety and security, the McKinney National Airport, housing in McKinney and more.

This guide is intended to give new and long-term residents a broad snapshot of what is happening in McKinney.

If you miss our regular monthly content, don’t worry, the February issue will include the news, Impacts and features you are used to seeing.

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  1. we dont see in “The Impact” the stories about crime in McKinney

    unless the bigger stations have reported it first

    but with FB etc we see whats really going on the streets

    THAT is whats important

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Cassidy Ritter
Cassidy graduated from the University of Kansas in 2016 with a degree in Journalism and a double minor in business and global studies. She has worked as a reporter and editor for publications in Kansas, Colorado and Australia. She was hired as senior reporter for Community Impact Newspaper's Plano edition in August 2016. Less than a year later, she took the role of editor for the McKinney edition.
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