Editor’s note: This is the latest information reported by the city of McKinney, Collin County and the state of Texas through their public reports and dashboards.

COVID-19 hospitalizations are tracking record-high numbers since data was recorded at the beginning of June. Hospitalizations in Collin County due to COVID-19 peaked Nov. 17 with 322 people hospitalized.

On Nov. 9, the Collin County Commissioners Court voted to remove data from the county’s COVID-19 dashboard, citing inaccuracy as the reason for the decision. The only data category left on the county COVID-19 dashboard is hospitalizations. The data tracks from June 1 to the present.

While a dashboard showing new cases, active cases, recovered cases and deaths is no longer available at the county level, McKinney offers some data at the city level.

Young people in their 20s have the highest number of active COVID-19 cases of any age group in McKinney, closely followed by people in their 40s, according to data from McKinney’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Like the rest of Collin County, McKinney has also seen a rise in active cases in recent weeks. The number of cases in McKinney has nearly doubled, increasing from 327 to 570 over a period of 14 days.