Ronni Cade is running for Lewisville City Council Place 2.

She will run against Mary Smith and incumbent R. Neil Ferguson in the citywide election May 5.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Cade a series of questions on her candidacy. Her written responses, edited for publication style, are below.

Q: What do you think is the biggest issue facing Lewisville?

A: There are numerous important issues that face Lewisville today. One that really stands out is the redevelopment of our older areas. This is a very critical time for Lewisville. We are facing the annexation of Castle Hills and reinvestments in Old Town. With the adoption of the 2025 Vision Plan it is extremely important to see that the foundation is properly set for that plan to be implemented correctly. We have crumbling infrastructure in our older areas that need attention and older strip shopping centers that scream enhancement.

Q: What are your plans to fix this issue?

A: Solving these issues will be paramount by working in a good-faith partnership with the residents and business owners. The council cannot have tunnel vision in any one area that needs addressing but must work together in a concerted effort as a team to see that the 2025 Vision Plan is carried through in a cost-effective, expedient manner that is best for Lewisville as a whole. One council member cannot stand alone in this effort, and one council member cannot, by themselves, get the job done. The council must always strive to be transparent in all matters concerning the city, bringing on board all the stakeholders of any given situation that arises.

Q: If elected, what will be your top priorities?

A: My top priorities will be the implementation of the 2025 Vision Plan and seeing that the proper foundation is being laid in order that the plan be carried out in the direction that the citizens wanted and expect. To address the growing homeless population in the Old Town area and to address the infrastructure in our older areas that need to be fixed.

Q: Where do you see Lewisville in the next five years?

A: In five years I see Lewisville as being a major competitive destination place for homebuyers, employment and entertainment.

Q: What will you do to ensure Lewisville keeps growing economically and crime declines?

A: I would work closely with our economic development department, chamber of commerce and business leaders to seek desirable, sustainable development, making sure that the 2025 Vision Plan is at the forefront of any planning.

I would work closely with the city manager’s office and the police chief to seek all resources available that will enhance staffing of patrol and specialized units. I would like to see the minimum staffing of patrol officers be increased to 15, especially as our population grows and we annex Castle Hills. Public safety should always be a priority with any City Council/council member. I have a strong history and track record of being pro-law enforcement.