Mary Smith is running for Lewisville City Council Place 2.

She will run against Ronni Cade and incumbent R. Neil Ferguson in the citywide election on May 5.

Community Impact Newspaper sent Smith a series of questions on her candidacy. Her written responses, edited for publication style, are below.

  1. What do you think is the biggest issue facing Lewisville?
    An important issue facing Lewisville, from my perspective, is the number of homeless and at-risk teens. Many of our teens are falling into the pressure of doing drugs, which often leads to addiction. This critical issue isn’t something that can be conquered by a small group of people; we will need the entire community working to ensure no teen is homeless.

  2. What are your plans to fix this issue?
    If selected as the City Council Place 2 representative, I would propose collaborating with existing organizations such as Kyle’s Place or Safe Haven to expand their efforts. We will also need to utilize the City Council platform to educate parents and friends on warning signs of drug and alcohol abuse, types of drugs, or what to do if your friend is homeless. It’s in our best interest to give our existing organization, homeless and at-risk prevention programs a louder voice.

3. If elected, what will be your top priorities?

  • Addressing the teen homeless issues

  • Revitalizing Old Town Lewisville

  • Reducing crime rates

4. Where do you see Lewisville in the next five years?
2025 Vision implemented.

5. What will you do to ensure Lewisville keeps growing economically and crime declines?
Continue moving forward with the 2025 vision and continually keeping an ear to the ground for community concerns and opportunity.  In order to decline crime, we must work to strengthen the bond of the community.